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Rick Warhurst honored by SD Ducks Unlimited

After a 31-year career with Ducks Unlimited, Rick's passionate advocacy for the protection of waterfowl and their habitat was honored this at the South Dakota State Convention by his induction into the Hall of Fame. In addition, he and his wife Bernie were honored for their Diamond Sponsorship of the organization's work.

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NDNRT Small Grant Program

Funding for the 2018 Small Grant Program was approved at our January Board meeting. Please see related information under the programs tab and feel free to share the flyer under this link...

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Cover Crops Renovate Grassland

Raylene Nickel writes about how diversifying plant communities has helped Darrell Oswald restore soil health.

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It's your land, but expect a reaction if you anger other aggies

Read about an important suggestion from Greg Page, a retiree from Cargill, about the critical need for the ag community to connect and assist in creating a balance with others outside their industry.

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Working the Soil System

Rocky Bateman talks about his no-till style of farming.

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Vern Whitten Photography

Enjoy an aerial tour of our beautiful state!

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Ken & Bonnie Miller selected for prestigious 2017 Leopold Award

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Painted Woods Dedication

The Robert Landgren – Jack Hauck Wildlife Management Area was dedicated on May 10th.

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Badlands Advisory Group (BAG)

Identifies Plans for Badlands Oil Development.

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Black Leg Ranch wins national Environmental Stewardship Award

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